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The Movement      What Does It Mean To Be The Change?       Definitions       Examples of Acts of Change

“Be the Change” is designed to inspire peace from the inside out and to create hope while challenging individuals to find their passion for all people.

The “Be the Change” movement inspires people to notice what’s happening in the world around them, to choose actions that create positive change, and to act as a living example of the power of contribution and compassion.

By focusing on positive action, contribution and service to fellow humans, the Be the Change Movement serves as a clearing house of service ideas and inspiration for people everywhere.

“Be the Change” is a service based movement designed for youth and adults of all ages.

“Be the Change” provides immediate hope, inspiration and inclusion to every individual committed to living their lives in service to others.

“Be the Change” is a self perpetuating membership organization open to anyone who shares in it’s vision and principles.

“Be the Change” is a way of life that anyone can live in every moment.

“Be the Change” challenges it’s members to stop waiting for others to change things and to be the heroes they have been waiting for.

The “Be the Change” Movement challenges it members to commit to doing at least one intentional positive act of change each day for the benefit of others.

The “Be the Change” Movement is a movement of “attraction” and inspiration that challenges non-members to consider joining the movement and to “pay forward” any service or contribution they personally benefit from.

Step 1 – Notice
Wake up. Keep your eyes open and notice what’s happening around you.

Step 2 – Choose
Once you decide to get involved in any situation, think through your list of options and alternatives for dealing with the situation. Take your time and choose the course of action you believe will best serve everyone involved.

Step 3 – Act
Once you have made a decision about what you feel would be the best way to help, take action! Now is your time to "Be the Change!"


Given the current state of our world family, with violence, pollution, poverty, addiction, social oppression, isolation and threats of war leaving many of us feeling fearful, victimized or alone, the Be The Change movement provides individuals with a clear and powerful way to be at least a part of the change we wish to see in the world.

By joining the “Be the Change” movement, people not only commit themselves to being the change they want to see, they also immediately serve as an inspiration and support to others.

By maintaining a commitment to perform at least one intentional positive Act of Change per day and document it, individuals not only experience the immediate satisfaction and pride associated with making a difference, they are also invited to create a clear and powerful record of their accomplishments. With this evidence, there can be no denying the difference they are making.

With millions committed to being the change, there is no limit to the possibilities.

Imagine families where every family member is consciously looking for ways to contribute. Imagine schools where every student is given time to share and celebrate their positive contributions. Imagine corporations where contribution and service are the basis of the company culture. Imagine a world where the people of every country commit themselves to making positive contributions; where international competition and gamesmanship focus not on winning or losing, but on generating the most impactful positive change; and where our daily news is no longer dominated by violence, poverty and destruction, but instead celebrates and recognizes positive change.

Imagine young people and adults all over our country and the world being honored daily, weekly, monthly and annually for the change they are making. What if people all over the world were inspired to share food, shelter and resources? What if our human family could unite as one? Would you call that a “miracle?” Or could it be simply the result of “change?”


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